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This is a declaration of a trust by a philanthropic individual with the object of establishing educational institutions. Objects clauses include education from Kindergarten to Doctorate Levels of education and for establishment of professional colleges in the faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Management. Declaration also contains a detailed scheme of administration of the trust. Detailed provisions relating to administration of the Trust, Board of Trustees, Disqualification to be a member of the Board of Trustees, vacancy in the offices of the Board of Trustees, removal of trustees from the Board of Trustees, cessation of office of the trustee, resignation to the office of the trustee, meetings of the Board of Trustees, frequency of the meetings, chairperson of the meeting, notice of the meeting, quorum, voting, minutes. property of the trust, committees and sub-committees, donors and donations, accounting year, accounts and audit, corpus fund, bank accounts, borrowings, investments, common seal, utilization of funds, indemnity, motives of actions of the trust, amendments to trust deed, winding up of the trust, and dispute resolutions. This is an exhaustive declaration of trust.

Declaration of a Trust for establishment of Educational Institutions

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