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About This Document:


This Lease deed has a detailed scheme of Lease of Residential Flat in an apartment complex, by an owner who is an individual to a tenant who is an individual. The descriptions of the provisions of the document are as under:

(a) Act of Leasing, (b) Lease Term, (c) Extension of Lease Term, (d) Lease Rent, (e) Due date for payment of Lease Rent, (f) Default in payment of Lease Rent and consequences, (g) Failure to Pay Lease Rent and consequences, (h) Optional Termination of lease and repossession of scheduled Property, (i) Lock-in Period (j) Security Deposit (k) Return of Security Deposit, (l) Scope of usage of scheduled property, (m) Peaceful enjoyment of scheduled property for the Lease Term, (n) Maintenance of the scheduled property during lease term (o) No alterations to be carried out, (p) Prohibition of assignment of lease or sub-lease (q) No hazardous articles to be stored, (r) Lessee bound by the regulations of the apartment association, (s) Violation of regulations of the Apartment Association, (t) Lessee to pay charges levied by the Apartment Association, (u) Lessee to pay charges levied by the local authorities, (v) Lessor to pay taxes on the scheduled property, (w) Lessee not to keep any pet animals in the scheduled property, (x) Lessor reserves the right of inspection, (y) Insurance of Lessees Property, (z) Reminder of Agreement to Continue in certain circumstances, (aa) Governing Law< (ab) Jurisdiction of Courts, (ac) Binding Nature of the Agreement


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