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Partnership agreement with TWO Partners with a provision to make BOTH as managing partners. BOTH the partners are working partners. Both the partners nominate their successors in case of death or insolvency of any of the partners. This is a special feature not found in regular partnership agreements. All the partners share the profits or losses EQUALLY.


Partnership Deed With Two Partners

  • 1.Best Option:

    Editing and custom redrafting a part of the content to suit your needs and receive by email:

    • Pay Rs.1800/- (Original price: Rs.2700/-) 

    Reach us at:


    2.Better Option:Furnishing personal details and to get the document filled up and receive by email. 

    Pay Rs.1260/- (Original Price Rs.1800/-)

    Furnish personal details through


    3.Good Option

    Download the digital document:

    • Pay Rs.702/- (Original price: Rs.999 /-)
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